3 Ways to Tell if your Business is Ready for a Virtual Assistant

3 Ways to Tell if your Business is Ready for a Virtual Assistant

When you’re running a small business you’re always busy, that’s a given! But there will come a time when you reach your peak and you’ll need to consider bringing on another person or team of people to share the workload. Using the services of a professional Virtual Assistant is a great option when it comes to increasing the manpower of your business. VA’s are affordable, flexible and scalable resources that can bring many benefits to your business…but it’s not a decision you should make on impulse. Introducing a VA into your business requires a lot of preparation, trust and investment of your time and money…so how do you know when you’re business is ready for one?

We have identified 3 key touchpoints that will let you know when you’re ready to take your business to the next level and use the services of a VA as a strategic move towards the growth and prosperity of your business.

1.   Your Business Administration is starting to Interfere with Growth

When you’re spending a big chunk of your week on operations and admin in your business you’re sacrificing time that could be better spent strategising on improvements and revenue producing activities. If your clients are suffering because you’re unable to juggle their needs with the needs of your business then it’s time to consider bringing on a Virtual Assistant. Repetitive and time consuming admin activities, whilst crucial to the flow of your business, are often better done by someone else. Once you have the support you need to keep the foundations of your business strong you’ll feel more organised and gain the freedom to pursue new ideas and strategies that contribute to the growth of your enterprise.

2.   You’re Maxed Out but your Clients still want More

Your own ability is finite. There is a limit to how much you can achieve on your own, and once you’ve reached that limit your availability will max out. If you’re good at what you do you clients will want more of it. If they trust you to deliver and you don’t have the capacity to serve them, then it’s time to consider bringing on a Virtual Assistant. There are skilled Virtual Assistants out there for most industries. Whether you work in creative, marketing or service based trades, you can train a Virtual Assistant to take on tasks that supplement the product or services your business provides. This will allow you to meet your client’s needs more efficiently and alleviate the stress of a heavy workload.

3.   You’re Unable to Keep up with Market Demand

Turning away or losing business because you don’t have the capacity or the resources to take it on is one of the biggest signs that you need to ‘staff up.’ If there is market demand for your products or services then you need to meet it. The beauty of working with a Virtual Assistant is the flexibility of the arrangement. You can staff up, downsize or work on a per project basis, depending on the requirements of your business, making a VA the perfect agile solution for a growing enterprise.

So don’t wait until you’ve reached total burn-out to consider hiring a Virtual Assistant. Stay responsive to client needs and market demands by exploring your outsourcing options. Book a discovery call with Kristy today to discuss your businesses unique requirements.


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