3 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help Grow Your Business

The ways in which a Virtual Assistant can help you in your business are limitless if you’re committed to implementing modern systems and processes and taking your business to the cloud.

There are lots of tasks that a Virtual Assistant do for you which will alleviate the strain from an operational standpoint – but how does this translate to the actual growth of your business?

Let me outline for you, three ways in which the assistance a VA provides can help take your business to the next level:


Ahhhh blogging. One of those tasks that you know you need to get to, but never seem to be able to do on a regular basis. A Virtual Assistant can help you with that. A good Virtual Assistant can not only assist in researching and creating quality content for your website, they can also do the time consuming work of administering your blog by posting it to site, formatting text and code, sourcing an image, optimising SEO, publishing and promoting.

So how does this help with the growth of my business?

[Tweet “Promoting great web content on a regular basis highlights you as a leader in your field, drives traffic to your website and convert leads.”] Regular blogging rich in keywords also boosts your sites SEO, creating visibility and authority for your brand online.

Social Media

Sure, you might have twitter and facebook for your business – but do you really have the time and the know how to take advantage of all social media has to offer? Keeping up with the fast paced nature of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google + and the other myriad of social platforms can send any busy entrepreneur nutty. A good VA can help research, curate and create fabulous content for all your social media profiles, manage the posting and scheduling, organise paid promotion and ads and even engage with your followers.

So how does this help with the growth of my business?

Social media is a great platform for targeted market research – getting to know and engage with your ideal customer and funneling them back to your website with targeted content to promote your product or service. Brand transparency, word of mouth marketing, greater online visibility and a wider customer base are just some of the benefits you can gain with social ‘done right.’

Online Research & Databases

Research is one of those very crucial, but very time consuming tasks that you often don’t have the hours to commit to. A Virtual Assistant can help with that. A good Virtual Assistant can scour the internet for the information you need. Finding and following up on leads, creating and cleaning large databases, exploring new products or keeping up to date on trending industry topics – a VA is the perfect, cost effective solution for these time consuming tasks.

So how does this help with the growth of my business?

[Tweet “Conducting research on a regular basis helps keeps you abreast of market trends and hones your competitive edge.”]

Targeted online research will help you identify potential new clients and develop effective strategies on how to reach your customers, improve products and services and prepare your business for expansion into new markets.

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