3 Tips for Small Business Productivity in 2013

No matter the size of a business, a business owner is almost always strapped for time and is in constant pursuit of ways to increase their business’ overall productivity. Increasing small business productivity comes with a large number of benefits, and can even help increase the business productivity of employees and suppliers, as well as demanding a higher productivity of your equipment.

Employee Motivation

Employees that tend to focus their efforts and work harder are the ones that appear alert, motivated and happy. Putting together a team of these hard working employees can make a dramatic difference in a company’s small business productivity levels, and can eventually increase sales and limit the amount of unnecessary costs. If these employees do happen to help increase your business productivity, reward them for their accomplishment in some way that encourages an even deeper level of productivity.


Streamline the small stuff and utilise the automation that comes with inventory and accounting software. These are two business productivity tools that turn a complicated system into a simple way to keep track of sales and overall finances. Make an investment in a faster computer, or some other time-saving state of the art equipment to increase small business productivity. For example, it’s now common to walk into a store and find a fax, copy, print and scanning machine combined into a single device. Investing in higher technologies that can help streamline certain processes can save a company time, space and energy.

Also try and eliminate as many paper-to-paper methods as possible, and make the transition to electronic media completely.

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

With so much to do, it can feel like a pressing issue for a small business owner when presented with questions and issues about information technology. This is where a managed service provider can step in and take the reins. MSPs remove the burden of a business having to worry about technology, and help keep a business up to par with its major competitors by providing its customers with full IT support, a consultation, and maintenance. In short, a managed service provider acts as a company’s personal IT department.

For those that dread the complications of business productivity software and automated services, there’s always the option to use companies like Virtual Elves and outsource the administrative work to a virtual assistant. The process is simple, quick and puts you, the business owner, in full control.

How do you feel about your small business productivity levels? Does your system consist of business productivity software and tools? Do you outsource the work, or do you take care of the small details yourself? Let us know!

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