3 Powerful Tips for Creating a Strong Brand

A strong brand grabs people’s attention, stays in the people’s mind, and establishes a connection. In order to cultivate a strong brand, you have to know exactly your business and what you represent. Not knowing how to create a strong brand will disconnect you and your customers, which will result in a dwindling number of customers and profit.

Here are three tips that can help you cultivate a powerful and compelling brand for your business.


Far too often new business owners get wrapped up in the idea that an icon is a brand. Your brand is not just an icon! Your logo is the official fingerprint of your company, and when created with patience and persistence, the logo should serve as a strong source of imagery that summarises who you are as a business. An excellent logo revolves around a businesses core vision, value, and mission.


In order to continually connect with current customers, and in order to acquire the attention of new customers, your brand should flow as a cohesive unit throughout your entire online and offline marketing arsenal. This means you need to pay attention to color schemes, fonts, images, and use them on your company website, social media accounts, brochures, and business cards. Remember, customers are more likely to trust a company that is more consistent with their visual imagery and overall message.


While the logo and visual consistency of your brand is important, they are as important as how your brand can possibly improve someone’s life. So ask yourself, what are the benefits of becoming a customer with this brand? Can this company enhance lives? A brand that does little but suck the change from a customers pockets won’t get very far. Continue to improve the overall product or message in a way that positively impacts customers lives, and people will remember that this is a brand that is here to help.

Creating a strong brand that conveys value and instills trust is something that takes time, hard work, and a willingness to connect to your customers on a more personal level. Lack the time or skills to tackle your brand’s online marketing consistency? What about logo design? Feel free to stop by Virtual Elves for a free consultation.

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