Virtual Assistants


Hire Virtual Assistants for Your Business

We know how hard it can be to manage the day-to-day running of your business. That’s why we have various administrative support packages to help you!

Local support from $50 per hour + GST to offshore VA’s from $15.75 per hour + GST we have all the bases covered to support your business!

There is much hype about getting “cheap” VAs from offshore and yes that is possible but we work on the basis of “you get what you pay for” and will not hire an offshore VA for less than $15 per hour.

We have a detailed recruitment process that selects the right VA for YOUR needs specifically and have screened, interviewed and made sure your VA is dedicated to your needs. We are a premium service with long-term support in mind. Do it right the first time and your VA will be with you and grow with you for a lifetime!

Kristy’s VA has gone from 10hrs per week to 40hrs in 3 years and knows her business inside and out. She is considered part of our family and she gets paid well above the minimum rate for what she brings to the business.

Likewise our support teams in Australia are well qualified VAs that work on a minimum retainer of 3hrs per week. They are varied in skill and again are matched in personality and job type so that they fit your needs well for the long term. We have many clients that have been with us for years and as they grow we grow.

How Does it Work?

Meet some of our Virtual Assistants

Sharry Dadpaas
Email Support - Data - Calendar Management - Accounts Payables and Receivables - Administrative works
Sharon de Dios
Canva - Google Apps - Social Media Management - MailChimp
Henilou Barcena
Data Entry - Web research - Data Mining - Social Media Management
Vivienne Maglana
Zendesk - Amazon Listing - Team Management - Aweber - Canva
Carmela Cerezo
Wordpress - Transcribing - Chat Support - Customer Service - Trello.
Desiree Escueta
Social media management - Website maintenance - Documentations - Transcription - Article writing/ newsletter & email campaign
Rosemarie Deypalan
Transcription - Social Media Management - Social Media Marketing - Graphic Design - Adminitrative VA
Kaye Vizon
Xerox & MYOB accounting - Photoshop - Podcasting - Canva - Project Management
Samantha Gomez
WordPress - Canva - Powtoon - Thunderbird - Hootsuite, MailChimp - Magento and Leadpages.
Charlotte Arroyo
Customer service specialist - Lead generator - Appointment setter - Customer service manager - Trainer
Tina Ebue
Administrative - Accounts - Recruitment - Customer Service - Organization
Jennifer Ann Sayson
Canva, Leadpages - Customer Service - Events Management - Data Entry and processing - Phone ,chat, and email support
Maria Dolores Florentino
Event Management - Marketing - Customer Service - Admin Management
Jaie Obillo
Writing Events - Coordination Project - Management Design - Publishing Web

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