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Prior to engaging Virtual Elves I was feeling overwhelmed with keeping on top of the day to day repetitive tasks involved in the running of my business. I found myself spending the best part of my day dealing with tasks that I now know can be easily delegated so that my time can be better spent. I used to work late into the night after putting my children to bed but not anymore…..Hello Netflix!!! In the initial stages of dealing with Virtual Elves the process immediately took a weight off my shoulders, but it meant I also needed to have procedures put in place for a new way of working. My advice for anyone looking to employ a VA is to make a job description and then compile screencasts for each task so that once you find your candidate you are ready to go with training them. Having a VA through Virtual Elves has meant I have doubled my turnover in the last year. I believe a big part of this is having time to work on the business rather than in it. I have been able to perfect my marketing plan and work on projects such as upgrading my website I would highly recommend the services of Virtual Elves. I had no experience in hiring a VA and their support was essential. Initially we didn’t have the right person for the job but this was quickly and efficiently remedied. I’m now very happy with my current VA and she has become an important part of my business.


Sarah Hardie – Fabrik
Rose is great! WE LOVE HER!! Rose always makes sure she has done her job and always ask’s questions when required for clarifications. Jobs are always in on time! Rose is great she has really helped grow our business. Without the team at virtual elves we would still be in the dark ages!!
Anthony Hunter & Emily Grove – Plan B PLumbing
Tamara Haig
Virtual Elves has assisted DevDAS to grow our business, providing invaluable administrative and operational assistance through their network. Kristy and her team have a very professional and responsive approach. They are a pleasure to work with!
Tamara Haig – DevDas Pty Ltd
Just wanted to give a shout out to Kristy Smith and her company Virtual Elves Outsourcing Solutions .. I have been overseas and my workload has increased a LOT while in Texas and since I got back.Mix that in with single mama duties 24/7 and my daughter spraining her ankle … arrgghh!

If I didn’t have Honey (my awesome V.A. who has the same name as my daughter – LOL) working for me and distributing my content, it just wouldn’t have gotten done at all! …

My head is spinning with the increase in business and sometimes I’m totally all over the place with delivering my content to poor Honey, but I am finally getting into a rhythm and really don’t know what I would do without a V.A. now.

I hesitated about hiring a virtual assistant for ages, but seriously if you need some help and want to outsource have a chat with Kristy…

Tracey Rose – TraceyRose.com
Having a Virtual Assistant has meant that I can focus on the work that needs 100% of my attention and to remove the pressure of other tasks that Virtual Elves can look after. Without my Virtual Assistants becoming an independent business owner would have been a lot more stressful and the work that they have completed including our new website design, social media posting and design works has always been to an impeccable standard. Make sure you talk to Virtual Elves about what they can do for you! See my main reasons for having them join my team in a blog I wrote specifically for Virtual Elves here.
Josh Zuker – Josh Zuker Travel
Jo Chivers
Virtual Elves have been virtually awesome!  I needed some admin and social media support and fast. I work from a home office and had been using a local based PA who was moving away. I found that for the cost I was far better off to look at using a virtual assistant.  I’d been recommended to Kristy through a friend and after a great chat, and sending her our job description, we had our VA available to commence work in no time. Sharry is a fantastic resource for my business, she needs very little supervision and gets on with her work efficiently, she has all the skills we need and I am able to delegate to her which makes me truly happy!  Every time a task arises, my first question now is ‘can Sharry do this for us?’.I’ve also used Virtual Elves for some 3D models for selling off the plan villas and they are about to assist us with our website and some graphic design work. I am more than happy to recommend Virtual Elves, Kristy and her amazing team – they are a wonderful resource to have available.
Jo Chivers – Property Bloom Aust Pty Ltd.
I had been running my Boutique Interior Design and Colour Consulting business single handedly for about 8 years when I decided to engage the assistance of Virtual Elves. Kristy and her team took the pressure off and allowed me to do the things I love in my business rather than the things I knew I should be doing. It was very easy to get started and I was given guidance on what I should outsource and how to outsource it. I’ve been working with the same VA for over 2 years now and we have an easy relationship. I can set tasks and know they will be done. Working with a VA frees up so much more time to do the things you love and why you went into business for yourself in the first place.
Jennifer French – Inside Out Colour and Design
simon crethar
I was fortunate enough to be recommended to Virtual Elves as I was starting a new company ( although I had been conducting the same business model for several years) and I wanted to get maximum exposure through social media and website.After being disappointed by other companies professing to be doing the “best for my company” and me spending hundreds of dollars with no results, an hour call with Kristy explaining my company and what we did, and WOW…. I am lost for words. Kristy’s enthusiasm, professionalism, but most of all compassion, took my thoughts, ideas and dreams, and turned these into reality. Creating my new website, business cards, flyers, newsletters, the list goes on.Kristy’s unwavering support, encouragement and dedication has set my company on a path which can only go one way – UP.I have seen an increase in exposure, comments of how professional we are, our marketing looks professional, crisp, and innovative.Kristy then engaged me a VA who let me say has taken the immense pressure I was under from me, and now does my newsletters, social media posts, marketing flyers…. The list goes on. Now I finally have time to be able to do what I am best at, and leave the rest to Kristy and her wonderful team. I cannot encourage you enough that if you want your business or company to move forward then look no further than Virtual Elves. You wont be disappointed!
Simon Crethar – Simon Crethar – Spencer Travel and Aspire Supported Holidays
Virtual Elves has been an immense help in organising a variety of outsourced options for my business. Kristy has worked diligently to provide web developers, branding, artwork designers to assist with different requirements for my own business as well as for my clients. The work provided is always within budget, delivered on time and to a high standard. She is easy to work with and communicative of any barriers which may stand in the way of achieving deadlines. Kristy also provides me with a way to outsource any jobs that would take my time away from running my own business & give those tasks to experts within my required field. I would be happy to recommend her services to any business who is looking for a way to complete tasks easily and efficiently.
Fiona Tye – My Body Shape

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