Mythbusting: If you want something done, you have to do it yourself

Returning to work after my holiday over the Easter/ANZAC long weekend has been an eye opener! I went from relaxed, contemplative bliss to straight back into meetings, emails, calls and the general chaos of business! But I did realise one thi...

When problems arise – Contingencies for your VA

In any business there are issues and situations that throw a spoke in the operational wheels and disrupt your daily work routine – this is the same with Virtual Outsourcing! Technology fails, inclement weather, family crisis – these are ...

Are you working as an employee in your own business?

• Are you the type of person who is reluctant to ask for help? • Do you have a great product or service but find you have no time to take the next step in your business? • Do you feel like you’re working long hours but your business ...



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